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ASN Lender Management Software

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ASN AutoFinance Plus Indirect & Direct Auto Lenders

ASN Loan Origination System (LOS)

ASN loan origination is the first gateway that links to ASN loan servicing operations.

  • Configurable loan origination components-rules-based decisioning
  • Borrower or co-borrower information (via ASN DMS, Website Portal application, or third party interface)
  • Loan application status tracking (Pending, Approved, In Funding, Funded, etc.)
  • Special functionality for aged loans purchases
  • Verification features for key borrower data points such as address, employment, income level, approval and funding workflow checklist
  • Automated credit bureau pulling and parsing (automated comparison to loan criteria, and guidelines.) – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • For indirect lenders, ASN LOS can generate, track decisions, track approvals, stipulations, dealer discounts, reserves and dealer
  • Document generation and verification
  • Document Management System (Digital Doc storage)
  • KBB-NADA and MMR Values
  • Collateral Data Comparison for option and value comparison vs LTV guidelines
  • Option for collateral
  • Validate Customer’s Phone, text, email, and Google address with map tools
  • Decline Letter Management to meet your compliance obligations
  • Security setting For admin (control for book options, stipulations and verification lists)
  • Dealer by Dealer Stats for buyers- Look to book, title not received, repos, collections and aging dealer portfolio stats for dealer’s book and performance
  • Audit Logs for all staff changes to data
  • Ability to send loan decisions via email or digitally to approved third party as interface
  • Consumer & Personal Loan origination available

ASN AutoFinance Plus – Servicing

  • Automated approved loans Import feature.
  • Automated Accounting upon a new loan imported and saved.
  • Complete retail installment contract stored
  • Automated setup for dealer fund amount
  • Automated setup and amortization in accounting for dealer discounts, doc fee, F&I products, dealer reserves and loan guarantees.
  • Automated Welcome (Hello letters) for new customers- Email or text
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Automated E-payments processing and posting (ACH or Credit Card setup) Direct or recurring
  • Track payment details, collection notes, late fee assessments, payments rolls, extensions, deferments
  • Track Insurance features and LSI premium posting
  • Automated & Manual e-title tracking systems
  • Generating loan statements, payment booklets, in email or print format
  • Automated and Manual features for mass or individual texting and emailing
  • Audit tools to track changes in data for clients, loan, accounting information
  • ASN Payment Center to provide your customer to manage and pay their accounts online via desktop or mobile devices. Payment paid online may auto post to your servicing to save staff time
  • CRM mobile app for sales reps in field to access dealer’s performance status “Live”
  • Consumer & personal loan servicing available

ASN AutoFinance Plus-Collection

  • Detailed payment histories, collateral information, loan modifications, for any date range
  • Complete staff call log, notes, emails, and text logs (including automated messaging log)
  • Automated collection account assignment based on many different criteria
  • Collector management reports to monitor their effectiveness for Promises Made with and kept and/or broken for each collector’s work.
  • Interface for dialing automation options
  • Compliance and/or Management Alerts for important information regarding collection of accounts.
  • Don’t Call List, BK account management tools
  • Collateral Management for repossession, impounds, insurance loss, etc.
  • NOI and DMV forms that auto populate and e-signed.
  • Automated Cost Management and tracking for repossession cost or sells. Customer receivables and vendor payable are automatically posted based on Collateral status and changes
  • Collection write offs and profit loss tracking for collection phases
  • GPS tracking and locating features
  • Repo assignment orders -Email capability from system
  • Consumer & personal loan collection available

ASN AutoFinance Plus-Reporting

  • Credit Bureau Reporting in Metro 2 Format
  • Finance Loan Portfolio reports for aged, paid, stats, bad debt and so much more.
  • Custom reports templates and tools (All needed data fields are provided)
  • Security features to control report usages based on its importance
  • Data Filter Options – Multi filtering tools

ASN AutoFinance Plus-Accounting

  • Automated Batching for E-payments (PCI Compliance features)
  • Bank Reconciliation tools (import bank statements activity-for all us banks)
  • Credit Card activity import tools (for credit cards brands)
  • Accounting Reports- Income Statements- Balance Sheets- Account Payable and Receivables reports.
  • Drill Down Report features for audit and tracking
  • Comprehensive security features for date field, tabs or screen. (complete, edit , view only or no access features)
  • Prepared for the impending changes of the Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL)
  • MASSIVE ROI Partnership between EDS Apex VSC & GAP and ASN AutoFinance Plus Software

AutoSoft Net Finance Plus is the answer for your finance company that services auto and consumer products. ASN Finance Plus will produce a massive ROI for your company.

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