Does your DMS:

Reduce your third party vendor expenses ?
Pprovide a Auction Valuator App ?
Service Shop Module ?
Accounting Module ?
Automatic Payment Reminders & Payment Center ?
Customer Relationship Management ?
Tracking of Sales Taxes & DMV Fees ?
KBB-NADA-MMR Full Integration ?
Payroll ?
OFAC-Red Flag Forms ?
On-Site Back Up ?
Vendor Participation Monetary $$$ Rebates ?
Doc Management System ?
Websites ?

Are you ready to explore a better way of operating, selling and financing MORE vehicles?

Coverage Benefits & Features

  • Vehicles imported from ASN Valuator APP.
  • Historic purchased amounts by vehicle type.
  • Within 5 minutes after purchase the vehicle can be on website, if you use our website.
  • Can check local market retail pricing.
  • Flooring tab helps in curtail payments.
  • Memorized curtails by company.
  • DMV reconciliation: Very few DMS that track what you collect & pay to DMV.
  • Reconditioning tab that tracks all fees and automatically applies to vehicle.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM

  • Schedule Appointments for test drives and other leads
  • CRM App
  • Mass Text and Email blasts to keep customers engaged
  • Print Letters to new and existing clients
  • All website leads available for integration


  • On a New Sale all fees, taxes are automated by state.
  • Deferred Down Payment Options available
  • Any changes in the sale will automatically change the structure
  • Vehicle Disclosure automatically
  • Deal Calculator assists in creating sale based on customers criteria
  • Can check on customers address and confirm phone numbers
  • Reduced Credit pull fees
  • Can text a customer from the sales screen & all texts & responses from the customer are saved
  • Spanish print available
  • Book Values will illustrate market prices for comparison

Payment Reminder Tools

  • Auto-Texting Payment Reminders
  • Auto-Phone Dialer that plays a recorded message
  • Online website portal for your customers to log into
  • Recurring ACH & CreditCard payments
  • Automatic emailing of monthly statements & receipts

Payment Collection Tools

  • Integration with License Plate Scanner DRN
  • GPS Devices: Locate the vehicle from our software
  • Manage each customer’s Recourse and U.G. payments
  • Credit reporting back to the bureaus (Metro2 format)
  • Automatic collector assignment based on # of days late

BH/PH Bookkeeping

  • Real-Time Accounting
  • Once a vehicle is sold all transactions go to accounting
  • Compliant with IRS rules
  • Chart of accounts designed for auto dealers
  • Automated process that will not allow bills & receivables to be missed
  • Vehicle account profile report shows your entire profit in detail
  • Deferred payments automatically in system including collections
  • Bookkeeping and accounting is in different tabs but in sync automatical-ly
  • Payroll included
  • Inventory write-downs based on KBB
  • Ability to view customers in detail
  • Ability to view insurance status
  • Loan payoff status
  • Loan modification
  • Months till break-even
  • Automatic recurring payments and automatically sent to collections
  • Ability to text customers payment due dates and past dues
  • Auto phone dialer available
  • Website portal available for customers & availability to pay online
  • Customers can pay 365 & 24/7 and save dealer money in overhead

Real-Time Accounting Integration

  • One of the only DMS software with an automated accounting package
  • Write checks, batch deposits, reconcile your bank accounts
  • View balance sheets and income statements right from your software
  • Multiple bank reconciliation available by month

Service Shop Module

  • Retail & RO available
  • Counter Sales
  • In House parts
  • Repairs can reflect VSC payments of claims
  • Can create PO for needed parts & supplies
  • Add specific technicians
  • Tab for vehicle complaints
  • Internal notes available that isn’t visible to RO
  • Set up follow up appointments by text
  • Changes are in real-time throughout DMS
  • Service Shop Technicians printouts in detail

Save your dealership money with the following services:

AutoCheck - up 80%
Credit Bureau - Savings
CC Merchant Savings
Accounting Cost
VSC & GAP Rewards-You could possibly earn your software for FREE!


We will help your dealership produce a MASSIVE ROI!

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