Verifacto is a very exciting product that will increase your % of insured customers and keep you on top of all your customer's insurance through your website dashboard portal. We do not
force place expensive CPI, we leave that up to you. Verifacto will also take care of ALL of your auto insurance mail and allow you more time to collect your auto loans.

We also have an additional product on the Verifacto website, PayMinders. PayMinders will alert your customers by text & email on their payment status. PayMinders can also provide a payment portal that will allow your customers to log in and pay their bill and also review their own account info. PayMinders is an additional fee.

Access to Real Time Insurance Status:

  • We have direct access to many of the largest insurance companies and can provide real time information on your customers insurance status, representing approximately 50% of your portfolio.

User Friendly and Intuitive:

  • If you can use facebook then you can use our system. Our software is hosted in the cloud, so you’ll never have to install or update anything on your end, it is handled seamlessly. Once you’re in it everything becomes evident and self-explanatory.Intuitive workflow and easy to navigate through.

Unlimited Number of Users:

  • The system has various role settings based on responsibilities
    and approval authority (i.e. Administrator, Supervisor, User). You will have one person assigned with Administrator rights and may add as many Supervisor and User accounts as you need.

Multi-Location Capability:

  • The Verifacto system allows you to segregate your portfolio by
    locations. So if you have multiple locations and each location is responsible for their customers insurance compliance, you will be able to manage each location separately.

DMS, ERP Upload and Sync:

  • Upload and sync Customers, Vehicles and Policies information from your Dealer Management Systems (DMS) or your ERP. Our system will perform data validation and check your information’s data integrity. Verifacto system uses proprietary business logic to determine which vehicles, customers and policies should be managed and tracked and which should be deactivated.

Automatic and Manual Triggering of Insurance Events and Issues:

  • For all vehicles, customers and policies that are being monitored or updated in the Verifacto System, when an insurance related event is detected, the system will automatically open an Issue, which will trigger System Alerts. Issues and Alerts have 4 levels of severity Low, Medium, High and Critical. Verifacto will automatically notify the appropriate persons via email and/or SMS.

Automatic and Manual Outbound Notifications and System Alerts:

  • When an event is detected by the system, automatic alerts and notifications are sent to pre-configured recipients via the pre-configured media types (including, but not limited to Internal System Alerts, SMS, Email, fax and IVR). Recipients may be internal by roles within the organization, or external (e.g.Customers, Vendors, Insurers, Agents, Brokers, etc.). Users may also send notifications through the system.

Automatic and Manual Escalation of Insurance Events and Issues:

  • All events being monitored by the system can be easily configured to escalate automatically based on your business needs and practices. Issue escalation will automatically trigger system alerts and follow-up notifications via email and SMS, as well as, update customer, vehicle and policy information accordingly.

Automatic and Manual Issue(s) Assignment(s) and Reassignment(s):

  • Issues may be automatically assigned by region, location, number of open issues (i.e.automatic distribution and allocation of issues based on the number of open issues per user), by issue type, or alphabetically. Issues may also be assigned manually and reassigned. Assignments and reassignments trigger alerts and notifications to the appropriate internal users.

Customizable Templates for Outbound Notifications and System Alerts:

  • The system comes with pre-configured notification & alert templates. You may customize and add new templates as you need.

Insurance Documents Upload and Storage:

  • No need for filing and searching for documents. Upload and store all insurance policy related documents, access and view them instantaneously.

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