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Endurance Dealer Services

Endurance Dealers Services provides Auto Dealerships & Auto Lenders the most comprehensive vehicle service contract programs and an array of other vehicle protection products, while increasing revenue.


APEX Core Add-On Program

APEX Pro Coverage:

The Apex Pro plan is Endurance’s most comprehensive protection program, offering the highest possible protection to your customers. Anything that is not listed in the exclusion section of the contract is covered under this exclusionary plan. The following items are not covered: Scheduled maintenance such as oil, coolant, fluids, refrigerant, and others; wear items that routinely need replacement such as the battery, tires, brake pads, brake drums, brake shoes, exhaust system, and shock absorbers; exterior items such as bright metal, vinyl, ornaments, wheel covers, and paint; interior items such as upholstery, buttons, carpet, door and window handles; any equipment not installed by the manufacturer. Apex Pro protection is available for vehicles with 100,000 miles or less at time of purchase. Seals and gaskets and wear and tear, 4×4 coverage, turbo/diesel, high-tech, and hybrid coverage are all included in every Apex Pro policy. See service agreement for exclusion details.

APEX Premier Coverage:

The Apex Premier Plan is the highest level of “stated component” coverage Endurance has to oer. From engine to power windows, Apex Premier will pay to repair or replace failed items that are included in the “Schedule of Coverage” section of the contract. This protection is available for vehicles 15 years old or newer with 150,000 miles or less on the odometer.

APEX Select Plus Coverage:

The Apex Select Plus plan is the best way to stay secure on the road without breaking the bank. Apex Select Plus is available for vehicles 15 years old or newer with up to 175,000 miles on the odometer, and also includes a Hybrid electrical vehicle option.

APEX Select Coverage:

The affordable Apex Select coverage plan provides protection for the vehicle components that are the most vital, and often the most costly to repair. Completely user-friendly, Apex Select protection is available for vehicles 15 years old or newer with up to 175,000 miles on the odometer.

APEX PowerWrap Plan:

The Apex PowerWrap plan is an essential coverage offering for vehicles that have an existing extended powertrain warranty. Customers can “wrap” the coverage and make it as comprehensive as the Apex Pro plan, but at a reduced cost. This protection is available for vehicles 5 years old or newer with up to 60,000 miles on the odometer.

APEX Certified Limited Warranty

APEX Certified Limited Warranty Program:

The Apex Certified Limited Warranty Program offers two levels of Day 1 coverage, for vehicles current year + 11 years back, with up to 125,000 miles at time of sale. Wide range of terms available 3/3, 6/6,12/12, and 24/24. Minimum monthly volume requirements.

CLASSIC Care Program

Classic Care Coverage:

The Classic Care offers three levels of stated component coverage for vehicles up to 15 years old with terms that include no mileage restrictions, real seals & gaskets, and true wear & tear.

ESSENTIAL Care Program

Essential Care Coverage:

The Essential Care Coverage offers three levels of Day 1 coverage for vehicles up to 15 years old with no mileage restrictions and exclusion for wear & tear. Terms also available with unlimited mileage

Auto Secure Program

Essential Care Coverage:

The Auto Secure Program offers two levels of protection for vehicles up to 15 years old with up to 150,000 miles, and a wide array of options, including Day 1 coverage.

Other Protection Products:

  • Ultimate Titanium Plus
  • Traceable Theft Protection
  • Excess Wear & Tear Coverage

Additional Benefits & Details:

  • Coverage of Lift Kits up to 6 inches.
  • Coverage of over sized tires up to 4 inches in height.
  • Reimbursement of deductible for parts covered under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Car rental coverage while vehicle is repaired.
  • Reimbursement for meals and lodging while vehicle is repaired, when far away from home.
  • Roadside service for minor mechanical issues, flat tires, dead batteries, if out of gas, or the engine needs fluids.
  • Towing service to a repair facility when vehicle is disabled.
  • On-site locksmith service, if keys are accidentally locked in the vehicle.

Claims & Customer Service:

  • Our on-line Dealer Access Portal (DAP) allows you to sell and manage our full suite of F&I products from one log-in to help you drive your business forward.
  • Fully integrated with the top menu and DMS systems in the nation
  • Quick & easy claims service
  • Claims paid by credit card
  • Easy-to-use internet claims monitoring and reporting 24 hours a day

Revenue Enhancements:

  • Retro Profit Sharing available with a minimum of 10 monthly net contract production.
  • Reinsurance Company setup & administration.
  • Earn investment income & potential tax advantages of a small insurance company.

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