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We offer Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Contracts with various levels of coverages & term options. Our Mission is to build long term partnerships with your company and produce satisfied customers through the sale of our products.

PAP & EDS OFFERS GAP OPTIONS FROM 125% - 150% of MSRP What does your company need?

PAC can deliver your dealership a Revenue Producing Solution

Coverage Benefits & Features:

  • Zero Mile New Car Coverage to Unlimited Miles
  • Franchised GAP (125% or 150% MSRP)
  • Franchised GAP Plus (150% MSRP)
  • Non-Franchised 4-Tier GAP (125% or 150% MSRP)
  • Buy Here Pay Here GAP (125% or 150% MSRP)

Additional Details:

  • MSRP Limits: 150% or 125% depending on your dealership’s needs
  • Deductible Coverage: $1,000
  • Maximum Term: 84 Months
  • Private Passenger Commercial Coverage included at no additional charge
  • No denials for late submission of benefit request
  • Insured by an AM Best “A” rated carrier
  • Primary Insurance Settlement vs. Contractual Payoff

Claims & Customer Service:

  • Our on-line Dealer Access Portal (DAP) allows you to sell and manage the sale of VSC & GAP contracts on the same portal.
  • Fully integrated with the top menu and DMS systems in the nation
  • Quick & easy claims service.

Revenue Enhancements:

  • Reinsurance Company setup & administration.
  • BH/PH Reinsurance Options.
  • Earn investment income & potential tax advantages of a small insurance company.

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